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Residential Inspections

Moving to a new house can be an exciting process. However, it can also be extremely stressful, particularly if you’re not sure how to best sell your old home. The rules and costs of property can be complicated. Annett TA Home Inspections is a licensed home inspector who ensures that your home is valued at the price you’re selling it for.

The sale can be made once the home inspections are finished. The house can also be changed depending on the inspector’s specifications in order to help it meet a more desirable value. You can also get more specific kinds of examinations, such as termite inspection letters to guarantee the prospective owner your home is free of any problems. Our property inspector could find out that your house has a higher value than you originally thought, as long as its free of any potential damage from pests of course.

You want to make sure you are selling off your old house for the right price. Having a thorough home inspection ensures that you and the new potential homeowner get the best out of your home. Annett TA Home Inspections offers quality resdiential inspections to the homeowners and future homeowners in Greeneville, TN. Call us today!